F1Q electronic system based on Arduino

Current version 2020.11.21

F1Q timer 23.9

F1Q programmer V5.9

Programmer Drawing

F1Q Timer Wiring Drawing

Changelog for Timer V 23.9

  • Timer sends engine run time and used energy amount data of last flight to the programmer
  • propeller brake servo returns to released posotion after braking has done
  • Display changed to 1602 LCD
  • ESC throttle range set to ordinary 1000 – 2000 us
  • LED blinking modified (no blinking at “Ready to start mode”; fast blinking for 60 seconds after DT)
  • new programmable function: “model Id.” – assigning the model number to the altitude data
  • Second servo for large diameter propeller brake added
  • External EEPROM was added to programmer for saving complete altitude diagrams
  • Some functions were modified for more reliable program codes

To download altitude diagram data to computer:

  1. Connect the programmer’s Arduino to the computer
  2. Start Arduino IDE
  3. Run Serial Monitor with baund rate 9600
  4. Press a function change button on the programmer
  5. Copy the series of altitude data to Excel (the altitude values were saved in every 1 second)

Previous versions

Video of programing and test run:

Timer V21.3

Programmer V4.3

Drawing for Programmer_V4.3

New programmer part list for V4.3:

  • Arduino Pro mini (or Arduino Nano) – 1 piece
  • TM1637 display – 2 pieces
  • Push Button – 4 pieces


F1Q timer V20.4 and Programmer V3.8



Nano programmer_drawing

Mini timer_F1Q_drawing


Adjustable functions V17.8

  1. Maximum engine runtime [1 sec]
  2. Moment of first servo step during engine run (in the percentage of energy usage) [ % of energy limit]
  3. Wait time between engine stop and first servo step [0,1 sec]
  4. Duration of second servo position (push down) [0,1 sec]
  5. Time of whole flight [1 sec]
  6. Energy limit [10 Joules]
  7. Engine RPM [%]
  8. Servo position 1 (Dethermalisation) [°]
  9. Servo position 2 (Engine run) [°]
  10. Servo position 3 (Push down) [°]
  11. Servo position 4 (Gliding) [°]

Arduino Code for electronic system:


Code for programmer:


version 17.8 wiring


Connected with programmer: