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34th Srem Cup 2017.05.27 Aradac Szerbia

Energy counter for F1Q models

I just finished my prototype of Energy counter. It’s based on an Arduino nano and ACS712 current sensor. I use seven-segment display with 4 digits in multiplex mode to show the energy used by the model. There is a button on the device that can be attached to the model’s start button with 2-pin, 2.54mm connector.

The button switches two independent circuits so the model’s electric control system is not connected to the Energy counter. It is important to don’t damage the model since it can have various type of start signal. When the start button is connected the engine can be started by the button on the Energy counter.

On the video I didn’t connect the start button so I just released the two buttons at the same time.



The calibration can be done with

  • stable DC power source
  • Wattmeter
  • Stopper
  • Stable load (I use a light bulb)


Calibration process:

  1. connect the light bulb and connect the power source,
  2. press the button
  3. release the button and start the stopper at the same time
  4. read the power from the wattmeter (it must be constans for the whole time of measuring)
  5. after 10 seconds turn of the power source and stop the stopper
  6. read the energy [Ws] from the Energy counter
  7. calculate the energy with the wattmeter and stopper [Ws]
  8. Devide the energy from the Energy counter  by the calculated energy
  9. Open the arduino code and search “Joule” in line 167 and multiply it with the calculated difference

Wiring diagram:

Wiring diagram_V1_2_Energy_counter Copy

Arduino code:

Energy _counter_V1_2